Why do we do it?

Don't be afraid and dare, in 2017 the story of Līvāni garlic began. The whole family - Viola and Māris Reinholdi - works with a great love for work, a tireless view of the result and enormous enthusiasm. The two daughters Evija and Lauma also help the parents in their daily work. Parents and grandparents also make a big contribution to the development of the company. It is the knowledge and work skills of parents and grandparents that help the most.

Livani garlic to sell organically grown garlic and manufactured products full of vitamins and love invested by the family in the work.

The motivation for work is indescribable - it is more like a driving force that drives you to do and not stop. It's like not losing value and holding on to something. This is also the return we receive for our work.

A little about us

Right there near Līvāni, Turku parish, Viola and Māris REINHOLDI have been active for six years in their farm, which is known in the near and far surroundings for the products of the trademark "Līvāni garlic". However, the story of hard work, local patriotism, and ideas of operation started much earlier.

       - Back in Soviet times, when I was a little girl, my parents grew garlic, carrots and other vegetables and sold them in Leningrad. This money was used to make a living and build a house, says Viola. - Then followed the yuk times, when distant markets were no longer available. They tried to sell the grown in Daugavpils for a while, but soon this activity ran out. Viola and Māris founded their company SIA «Revima» in 2015, when the family wrote their first business plan, obtained funds from the European Social Fund and planted willows on the land owned by their parents. However, this product has to wait 5 years from planting to harvest (this year it will be exactly that), but every project also requires short-term execution. The Reinholds decided to weave baskets from willows and sell them at fairs. At the same time, he "grabbed" a vegetable grown in the backyard farm. Here, too, they observed that there is a great demand for garlic, and decided: why not grow garlic? Mom always said from her experience: "Garlic has always worked." The next project was written for the Rural Support Service for the purchase of machinery and in 2016 half a hectare of land was planted with garlic. They grew very well, everything grown was also sold, so the owners decided to increase the area to be planted.
– When planting a larger area, there are also more small and failed garlics. The amount of flowers is also significant, explains Viola. - What to do? It never even occurred to me that I could throw away food just like that! Therefore, in 2017, we decided to start home production. At that time only 40 jars of flower paste were made, but this year thousands have been produced. Currently, we can be proud of 6 types of flower pastes, 7 types of garlic pastes «Asumiņš» and other products.
Source: SIA "Brīva Daugava"